Kalabria Coast-to-Coast

The Kalabria Coast to Coast Trail is a path which starts from the city of Soverato and the white Ionian beaches of the Costa degli Aranci, and ends in the picturesque Pizzo, perched on a tufaceous rock that rises sheer to the golden Tyrrhenian beaches of the Costa degli Dei. It crosses the mountain territory of Preserre Calabre, passing through the suggestive villages of Petrizzi, San Vito sullo Ionio and Monterosso Calabro. The Kalabria Coast to Coast Trail is a naturalistic route of 55 km, better enjoyed at a slow pace among old olive trees, vines, fields of wheat and prickly pears, woods of centuries-old chestnut and beech trees, granite stones shaped by time and the magnificent natural oasis of Lake Angitola. The trail is above all an emotional and sensorial journey, off the usual touristic track where ancient flavors, fragrances and traditions can be discovered. These places in this wonderful land are rich in history and millenary culture and it seems like time has stopped.